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Corona dyne test pen from TAIWAN

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Product type: 34363840424446485256dyn/cm
original: Tai Wan
application:gravure printing, offset printing, UV printing,colour printing 

usage method
:when testing, for example, using 38dyn/cm pen to scribe a long line slightly on the treating materials , after two seconds, if ther is no glob formed ,or does not spread all around, it means the surfac tension reached or exceed 38dyn/cm , in contrast , if a glob formed, it means the surface tension can not reach 38dyn/cm In general, the first test for accuracy and measurement, to be prepared with 4 different types of dyne pen; if the film surface tension value changes little, you need at least 3 different types of dyne pen.

Can accurately test the surface tension ofplastic film, Which reaches the dyne value or not. So that users can clearlyunderstand this film whether suitable for printing composing and vacuum plating.So we can effectively control quality and reduce waste or time delays byunqualified material.

below is corona pen effects


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