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CD-510~520 Corona treater genertor

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  • Brand:    HeFeng
  • Type:    CD-510~520
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1.Adopt IGBT module driver
2.Alarm: Start, stop, stall, break, overload, high temperature, wet start function, soft start function, memorizing function, working frequency automatic tracking. 


The output power is same speed as the automatic tracking, adjustment automatically

Optional: roller, Ozone exhauster, air pipe.


Input voltageAC380V  Output voltage12KV~20KV

Output power:10~20KW

Output frequency15KHz-50KHz

Main frame size1120*550*330MM

Transformer size345*270*380MM

Treating station  Width customized.

Corona principle and role

Use high-frequency high-voltage on power pole in the discharge between the roller and corona,

 low-temperature plasma formed by ionization of air between the poles to produce ozone,

 which is a strong oxidizer, can change the molecular structure of plastic surface to make it   non-polar into polarity. 

At the same time after the corona treating , it will cause uneven surface hole roughen, It will enhance surface activity, 

such as the increase in surface tension, that is, ink, glue, etc. will be able to further penetrate the material and processed to achieve he ideal effect on the printing and glue application.

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