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HeFeng tunnel type UV curing machine

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application: UV glue, printing ink, etc

 performance characteristics

 a conventional model, adopt special rotary transmission structure, suitable for heavy equipment, two sets of UV light source configuration, can independently control the on/off;
easy operate, one of the  atch production models, all selected components are standardized, simple operation and maintenance, low use cost;
adopt domestic good quality UV light source, good stability;

Using infinitely adjustable-speed, speed within the range can be set freely.

 technical parameters:
Power requirements: three-phase five line 380 vac, power frequency 50 hz 
The machine power: about 12 kw (kw)
Dimension: 2450 L  x 850 w  x 1250 mm H
Conveyor speed: 0 to 10 m/min
Conveyor width: 500 mm 
Cooling: forced air cooling
Light source types: high pressure Hg mercury lamp
Lamp power: 100 w/cm
Light source configuration: 2pcs 5 kw, RW5 type lamp holder.
Light life: according to HF - dx06 acceleration equivalent test, an average of more than 600 hours (h), light failure of no less than 80%
main peak wave length :365 nm 
Power regulation: 100% full power
Typical features: two groups of UV light source configuration, optional strong
Typical application: suitable for the explosion-proof requirement environment

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